Dingoblue Services - Terms of Use


1.1 "Dingoblue Services" means Dingoblue Services ABN 40 705 499 787 of Queensland, Australia

1.2 "Service" or "Service(s)" or "Services" means any product or service the customer has ordered for use.

1.3 "Customer" or "Client" means the individual, person, persons or entity that has entered into active billing with Dingoblue Services

Accounts and Payments


We currently accept payments via Direct Deposit, PayPal, and Credit Card. Please note that all Credit Card transactions are processed using a 3rd party payment gateway (Stripe Payments). As such, none of your credit card or payment details are retained in any within our own databases. All transactions from our website are initiated securely using SSL encryption and passed to our payment provider gateway. Third party payment gateway providers enforce PCI-DSS compliance at their ends. Please refer to their websites for further information on their security standards.


All refunds will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis to ensure that a fair outcome is reached by all parties involved. Refunds for YEARLY Web Hosting and Google Suite paid in ADVANCE can be processed minus the current month you're in. Two further billing months will be retained for administration costs in order to cover our time for processing any refunds. To obtain a refund, please contact and note that we may require your banking details in order to process any refund requested.


At Dingoblue Services, we run industry standard online web hosting management software online. This software is set to suspend services that are 30 days in arreas and terminate them completely after 90 days. Should you find your account has been suspended in error, please contact Support as soon as possible at - If your account is simply overdue, paying your overdue bill through our online customer management system will allow the system to automatically restore your services without further intervention.


90 days after any account is suspended for payment being overdue, all data (including backups) will be completely removed from our systems. No recovery will be possible after this time period. Customer accounts violating our Terms of Use, will be terminated without warning. No refunds will be available for instantly terminated accounts. All data will instantly be destroyed.


Dingoblue Services do not directly provide email hosting. This is due to the extreme cost of disk space storage. We reccommend that you use a third-party email service such as (but not limited to) Microsoft Office 365 or Google Suite who can provide large amounts of hosting storage space. If you do decide to use the standard cPanel hosting provided, no warranty or support will be provided past our setup guides and password resets.


Dingoblue Services have a zero-tolerance SPAM policy. If your website is compromised and is actively sending out SPAM, you will be notified and your hosting account will be suspended until such a time as it is deemed fully resolved. Dingoblue Services policy is to limit outbound SMTP activity from our shared mail servers to 120 emails per hour per hosting account. Anything past this and you should consider using a third party SMTP service such as Sendgrid or Mailgun for all contact forms and automated reports. All contact forms on websites are required to use secure mail forms with captchas where possible to limit spam-bot activity. Unsolicited email is prohibited on ALL Dingoblue Services provided.


Dingoblue Services provide Cloud-Linux on all shared hosting services to provide fair and balanced resources to all users. We do not over-sell our servers and do our best to maintain a good ratio of hosting accounts and resources per server. Any shared-hosting accounts found to be consuming excessive resources will be notified by email call as a first warning and also as an opportunity to purchase a better suited hosting plan or in extreme cases a dedicated VPS or server. Should resource usage become a problem, your hosting account will be automatically throttled by Cloud Linux to ensure that other users onthe same server aren't at a disadvantage.


At Dingoblue Services, we consider the days of bandwidth usage limits to be mostly a thing of the past. We do not actively charge for hosting bandwidth or suspend accounts purely on the basis of excessive bandwidth usage.


Dingoblue Services run real-time malware and exploit scanning on all cPanel hosting accounts provided. This offers some protection but in the unlikely event that your website is compromised we are required legally to ensure that the hosting account is suspended until reasonable efforts have been made to remove any malware, viruses and especially phishing content. Website hack cleaning is not provided for free and will be charged at our standard hourly rate of AUD$150 per hour if we are instructed to perform the process for you. You may also opt to have your own developer or 3rd party perform the clean-up on your behalf at your own cost.

DOS / DDOS Attacks

Dingoblue Services may need to throttle your hosting resources for the duration of a Denial of Service (DOS) or Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack. This will usually be noticable when you see a 508 insufficient resources error message. If we notice that your site is under attack, we will do our best to contact you and advise that this is happening. There are a few options available to mitigate DOS and DDOS attacks and we will be happy to discuss these with you.


Customers agree to keep their Content Management Systems and/or scripts up to date with the latest stable versions to ensure that threats of hacking / hi-jacking / defacement or exploits are kept to a minimum. Should the customer discover that they are about to become the target of any hacking or exploit activity, they are to notify Dingoblue as soon as reasonably possible for advice on how to best deal with any direct threats.


Dingoblue Services enforce minimum password requirements to ensure that strong passwords are set on all accounts. If your passwords security has been breached, please contact us as soon as possible to ensure that we can issue new passwords for all of your accounts under our management


Dingoblue Services provide for free, basic Domain Validation (DV) level SSL certificates utilising cPanel's AutoSSL system by default on all shared-hosting cpanel accounts. Organisation Validation (OV) and Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates can be purchased, installed and otherwise maintained through Dingoblue Services at ndiscussed pricing at the time of such a request. SSL certificates can also be manually installed by the customer using the cPanel account


Dingoblue Services cannot provide any warranty on coding, webdesign or hacked websites. Please refer to our Backup Services if your hosting has been defaced or hacked.