Terms of Service

Customer Agreement Policy

As a Dingoblue Services customer, you hereby agree to adhere to all terms contained within our Terms of Service on this page at all times. Please read and understand all terms carefully. Please notify us in writing to [email protected] if any further clarification is required. We will notify all customers by email if there are any changes to the existing Terms of Service policy within 48 hours.

Payment Methods & Security

We currently accept payments via Direct Deposit, PayPal, and Credit Card. Please note that all Credit Card transactions are processed using a 3rd party payment gateway using Stripe Payments. We do not retain your credit card or payment details on any of our own systems. All transactions from our website are initiated securely using SSL encryption. Our 3rd party payment gateway providers enforce PCI-DSS compliance at their ends. Please refer to their websites for further information on their security standards.

We don’t currently offer Direct Debit billing due to the complex nature of such arrangements.

Direct Deposit Payments

Direct Deposit payments initiated at the customer end may take up to 48 hours to clear into our account and be marked as paid. If you’ve already sent a payment using Direct Deposit, please be patient while we match this up for you. You may receive some reminder emails once you’ve paid, these are normal and will stop as soon as your DD payment has been matched up at our end.


All refunds will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Refunds for YEARLY Web Hosting paid in ADVANCE can be processed minus the current month. Two further billing months will be retained as administration costs in order to cover our time for processing any type of credit payment. To obtain a refund, please contact us to discuss the process further. No refunds will be available for any accounts suspended or terminated due to breaching the terms of service unless otherwise agreed to in advance.

Account Suspensions

We run industry standard online web hosting management services (WHMCS). This system is set to automatically suspend services that are 30+ days overdue. Should you find your account has been suspended in error, please contact Support as soon as possible.

If your account is simply overdue, paying your overdue bill through our online customer management system by Credit Card or PayPal will allow the system to instantly and automatically restore your services without further delay. Suspended overdue accounts paid by Direct Deposit will be subject to a wait until the payment is verified at our end.

Account Terminations

Should an invoice reach 60 overdue in any billing due date, all data will be completely removed from our live systems. A recovery fee of $250 paid in advance will be required to restore accounts already deleted if there is an ability to recover a terminated account.

Any accounts terminated due to breaching our Terms and Conditions may not be recoverable due to data purging

Hosted Email

Dingoblue Services do not directly support the included cPanel email hosting. This is due to the extreme cost of disk space storage and several other factors. We reccommend that you use a third-party email service such as (but not limited to) Office 365 or Google Suite who can provide large amounts of hosting storage space. If you do decide to use the standard cPanel hosting provided, no warranty or support will be provided past our setup guides and password resets.

Contact Forms and PHP Sendmail

We do what we can to ensure email deliverability at all times for our servers, but periodically other servers and RBL’s will black-list our server IP adresses for no valid reason. This ends with our customers complaining about emails not getting to some or all contacts when sent from self-hosted contact forms which use the PHP sendmail function. This goes especially for standard WordPress contact forms. If this will be an issue for you, please contact us for further advice or ensure that your website uses an SMTP or API based email service such as Mailgun or SendGrid.

Domain Ownership and Changes of Registrant

If you are selling a domain or transferring it to a different individual, organisation or entity, you are legally required to perform a Change of Registrant (CoR) to update the Registrant Name, Contact Details and ABN (For Australian Domain Names) as soon as possible. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! It is possible to lose .au domains that are attached to a deregistered company or expired ABN. Please contact us or read this page for further information and we can perform the CoR on your behalf for a small fee.

SPAM / Unsolicited Email / Bulk Email

Dingoblue Services have a zero-tolerance SPAM policy. If your website is compromised and is actively sending out SPAM, you will be notified and your hosting account will be suspended until such a time as it is deemed safe to re-activate. Dingoblue policy is to limit outbound SMTP activity from our shared mail servers to 120 emails per hour per hosting account. Anything past this and you should consider using a third party SMTP service such as Sendgrid or Mailgun for all contact forms and automated reports. All contact forms on websites should use secured mail forms with captchas where possible to limit spam-bot activity. Unsolicited email is prohibited on ALL Dingoblue Services provided.

Objectionable and Restricted Content

We maintain a zero tolerance policy to any users who use their Dingoblue hosting services to disseminate abhorrent violent material of any kind. Abhorrent violent content involves terrorism, murder, attempted murder, torture, rape or kidnapping. You may not use our services to host or otherwise transmit any restricted or refused classification materials. You may not use your Dingoblue email, web hosting or domains for pornography or hate speech or any kind. Any accounts found to harbour of any of these types of material will be suspended without warning and if in breach of any local or international laws, forensic information will passed on to the relevant authorities immediately.

Excessive Resource Usage

Dingoblue Services provide Cloud-Linux on all shared hosting services to provide fair and balanced resources to all users. We do not over-sell our servers and do our best to maintain a good ratio of hosting accounts and resources per server. Any shared-hosting accounts found to be consuming excessive resources will be notified by email call as a first warning and also as an opportunity to purchase a better suited hosting plan or in extreme cases a dedicated VPS or server. Should resource usage become a problem, your hosting account will be automatically throttled by Cloud Linux to ensure that other users onthe same server aren’t at a disadvantage.

Bandwidth Usage

At Dingoblue Services, we consider the days of bandwidth usage limits to be mostly a thing of the past. We do not actively charge for hosting bandwidth or suspend accounts purely on the basis of excessive bandwidth usage. If your hosting account is using an unsustainable amount of bandwidth, we will contact you to make arrangements for a VPS that will be able to handle your bandwidth demands before it becomes an issue.

SSL Certificates

All Dingoblue cPanel and WHM hosting accounts include free Domain Validation SSL certificates provided by cPanel. These SSL certificates come at no extra cost and cover any ACTIVE domains that are LIVE and pointing to your Dingoblue hosting account. These also renew automatically every 90 days for added security. Free cPanel SSL certificated offer standard encryption but are not subject to any type of warranty. If you require SSL certificates that do include a warranty – please contact us for a quote.

Hacked Websites

Dingoblue Services run real-time malware and exploit scanning on all cPanel and WHM hosting accounts provided. This offers added protection but in the unlikely event that your website is compromised we are required legally to ensure that the hosting account is suspended until reasonable efforts have been made to remove any malware, viruses and especially phishing content. Website hack cleaning is not provided for free and will be charged at our standard hourly rate of $120 per hour if we are instructed to perform the process for you. You may also opt to have your own developer or 3rd party perform the clean-up on your behalf at your own cost.

DOS / DDOS Attacks

Dingoblue Services may need to throttle your hosting resources for the duration of a Denial of Service (DOS) or Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack. This will usually be noticable when you see a 508 insufficient resources error message on your website. If we notice that your site is under attack, we will do our best to contact you and advise that an attack is happening. There are a few options available to mitigate DOS and DDOS attacks and we will be happy to discuss these with you should the case arrive.

System and Network Security

Customers agree to keep their Content Management Systems and/or scripts up to date with the latest stable versions to ensure that threats of hacking / hi-jacking / defacement or exploits are kept to a minimum. Should the customer discover that they are about to become the target of any large scale hacking or exploit activity, they are to notify Dingoblue as soon as reasonably possible to help harden security.


Dingoblue Services enforce minimum password requirements to ensure that strong passwords are set on all accounts. If your passwords security has been breached, please contact us as soon as possible to ensure that we can issue new passwords for all of your accounts under our management.


Dingoblue Services do not provide any warranty on coding, webdesign or hacked websites. Please refer to our Backup Services if your hosting has been defaced or hacked.

Downtime and SLA

Unless otherwise stated or specifically purchased at a higher rate, our standard web-hosting SLA is 99.5% uptime. The standard 99.5% web hosting SLA equates to anything over 3 hours and 38 minutes of downtime per calendar month as a result of our own systems. Should your hosting service experience longer than the implied SLA, a CREDIT will be given ON REQUEST for one month of the equivalent level of web-hosting in the next billing month. The standard Dingoblue SLA does not cover any of the following circumstances :

  • Downtime as a result of a network carrier outage e.g A service provider having a network outage or DNS issues.
  • Act of war, civil unrest, terrorism or natural disaster that incapacitates the carrier network or the data center where your website is hosted.
  • The lapsing of your domains that would otherwise keep your website or DNS online.
  • DOS / DDOS attack targeting your hosting account or our hosting network.
  • Malware, Page Redirects, Defacements or webpage errors resulting in blank or unreadable pages.
  • Scheduled maintenance and server updates where communicated in advance by our support team.
  • Your IP Address being black-listed by any server or hosting firewall.

Limitation of Liability

By entering into any active billing with Dingoblue services, you also agree to enter into the following Limitation of Liability contract which states :

  • Dingoblue Services can not be held liable for any losses as a result of service(s) that they did not manage for the customer at the time of said issue.
  • Claims as a result of any direct failure on Dingoblue Services part which cannot be resolved will be limited to the total sum of active billing for the financial year-to-date period that such an event is discovered and first reported to the supplier.
  • The customer is solely and fully responsible for testing of contact forms periodically and ensuring that they function well.

Cancellation of Services

If you are wainding up your business or intend to cancel any services managed by Dingoblue, please give us a minimum of 48 hours notice in writing by email or support ticket so that all necessary steps can be taken to perform a graceful cancellation of those services and associated billing.

Changes to Terms of Service

Last revision of the Dingoblue Terms of Service Monday 5th April, 2019. Please contact us for clarification of terms if required. Terms may be updated or changed by Dingoblue Services at any time. The Link to the terms of use will be made available on the footer of all invoices sent out as well as in the footer of the website wherever possible.